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Diamond Platnumz’s breakup with Zari Hassan good for business?

February 19, 2018 at 11:45
Diamond Platnumz's breakup with Zari Hassan good for business?

Diamond and Zari have been embroiled in all sort of publicity stunts before their breakup on Valentine’s Day. Some people think the split is a well calculated strategy.

Diamond and Zari were supposed to breakup last year when the singer confessed he had fathered Hamisa Mobetto’s son. Zari cleaned her Instagram and other social media accounts of all pictures of her with Diamond after the confession.

And just when everyone thought Zari and Diamond were finally breaking up, they made up. Zari revealed she had forgiven her cheating husband but had put him on probation.

Diamond released at least three songs at the height of the drama with Mobetto and Zari and they performed impressively well.

The breakup

Zari finally dumped Diamond on Valentine’s Day and a few days later the Tanzanian crooner is announcing the release of his album.

Diamond has already started selling his album ‘A Boy From Tandale’ ahead of the official release March 14th. And did i mention Diamond announced the launch of Wasafi Records studio in Nairobi while he was still going through breakup with Zari?

Seems the breakup with Zari is good for business to Diamond, or isn’t?



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