Diana Marua Ignites Beef With Tanasha Donna After Diss Track

Diana Marua ignited a beef between herself and Tanasha after she roasted her in her new song.

The musician & YouTuber dissed several celebrities including Andrew Kibe, Tanasha and Zuchu in her new song titled Narudi Soko According to the content creator, the US-based YouTuber is very poor and lives in a ghetto Diana made fun of Tanasha Donna and Diamond’s failed relationship and that of Jamal Roho Safi with Amber Ray.

This is what Diana said about the trio: “Tanasha Dona hukuweka sukari, ukanyang’anywa Prado daaah! Unarudi soko! Na huyu Zuchu anapeana vitu mkidhani Nasibu, atarudi soko!”

In the song, Diana reiterated that Kibe is poor and living in a ghetto. “Andrew Kibe unatusi watu na wee ni maskini (utakufa ghetto).”

This is what Diana said about Amber Ray & Jimal “Amber Ray akanotice ulafi, akatoka Jamal roho safi (akarudi soko). Naye Jamal akarudia mama kumaliza lawama, kumbe (alirudi soko), Diana added.

Tanasha has now unfollowed Marua over the same; and it’s now in black and white that Diana has ignited a beef between them.

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