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‘Disgusting And Pathetic-He Still Denied Her In Public!’ Shorn Arwa Shames Kabi WaJesus

May 07, 2021 at 09:41
'Disgusting And Pathetic-He Still Denied Her In Public!' Shorn Arwa Shames Kabi WaJesus

After Kabi WaJesus DNA test revealed he was the biological father of a girl he sired with his cousin, the popular YouTuber took to social media to announce he would take full responsibility. What got many people talking was the fact that Kabi had previously denied the child after being exposed on Edgar Obare’s Instagram.

His wife was in tears after learning about the exposé. This forced Kabi to talk about the issue on their YouTube channel; where he denied the allegations. Weeks later, he accepts responsibility and his wife promises to support him.

The fact that he had denied the child at first is what culminated to hostile reactions from netizens; and slay queen Shorn Arwa was among those who shunned his action.

The socialite shamed Kabi WaJesus on her Insta story as she wrote;

”I am not an angel but kitu mbaya ni mbaya. Call me names if you want but what Kabi has done is disgusting and pathetic. He was fully aware of the kid but still denied her in public. Take a second to think about how traumatizing that will be for the beautiful baby in future. Alafu he went ahead to create a stupid video.”

Shorn also commented on Kabi’s words in the denial video saying;

”Full of advertisements ati it’s the devil, no bro leave the devil out of this. It’s irresponsibility and incest. All those clowns who have been verified praising Kabi apo kwa comments ‘maumbwa nyinyi…”


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