Dj Soxxy narrates how he watched his alcoholic dad abuse his mum while growing up

Image: DJ Soxxy and his mother

Most celebrities like DJ Soxxy has a humble beginning that helped them grow up to be the best husbands to their wives.

The former Kubamba host recently opened up about his experience growing up in a family that faced many challenges especially with an alcoholic dad.

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DJ Soxxy with his daughter
DJ Soxxy with his daughter

Speaking up for the first time, DJ Soxxy revealed that he often watched his drunk dad arrive home only to stir issues with his mum. He says a slight argument always led to a fight and just like any loving son, he often felt the need of defending his mum.

Soxxy’ fear of losing his mum

He goes on to add that he could always sleep with his ears open as he was afraid of the worst happening to his mum.

Growing up with an abusive dad definitely affected him mentally and at one time he was ready to do something to his dad. Jackson Kamau goes on to say that the worst experience was after his dad hit his mum so hard leaving her bleeding.

One night he hit my mum to a point she bled and I was like no way! Today I will stand up to him and I remember contemplating doing the worst to him

Anyway, his dad later changed after he was diagnosed with a liver problem caused by his excessive drinking.


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