Don’t Be Fooled By Social Media- Bahati And Willy Paul Come Clean On Beefing Rumors

For quite a long time, most people thought that Willy Paul and Bahati were beefing. The two would be seen trolling each other on social media often, but it seems like all this was not serious. Weeks ago, On Eric Omondi’s show, Willy Paul imitated Bahati’s singing style and termed him as ‘a cat’ because of his voice. Well, turns out all this was just one of the boys’ games. No malice was intended. The two have been seen having brotherly moments in a video posted on Bahati’s page.

In the video, Dk Kwenye Beat is also among the duo and were seen spending time while teasing each other.

Bahati’ wrote,

Bahati, Pozze and Dk Kwenye Beat- IG
Niko hapa Nauliza Willy Paul Ni Nini ilikua inamkasirisha Nikishinda Groove Awards??? ???????????? Don’t be fooled by Social Media… We are Brothers ????.”

Additionally, Bahati hilariously trolled Pozze on the same post saying,

”Guys I Just Noticed if I was a Woman Mtu wa Kwanza Ningepea ni Mg Brother Pozzee … I have Never Met a Person Who Loves Me Like he does ???????????????????????? TRUE OR FALSE???”

The fans of both Bahati and Willy Paul marvelled at their union and asked them to do a collabo soon.

I honestly think a collabo will suffice. It will be a banger.

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