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“Dr Ofweneke ni bro yangu na namrespect sana!” Weezdom

May 08, 2020 at 10:32
"Dr Ofweneke ni bro yangu na namrespect sana!" Weezdom

Weezdom finally confirmed that he did date Niccah the Queen who was once Dr Ofweneke’s wife! Details of their secret affair were however disclosed by an unknown person who leaked several bedroom selfies of Weezdom in bed with Niccah.

As expected the photos left many discussing the two; while others bashed Weezdom for not observing the bro code! However it turns out that Weezdom weighed his options quite well after realizing that he had developed feeling for Niccah.

Speaking during his latest interview, Weezdom went on to open up saying that he had no ill intentions while hooking up with  Niccah. His biggest fear apparently was publicizing the relationship which would have sparked different reactions from social media fans; who in turn would have dragged comedian Dr Ofweneke into the mess.

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Weezdom speaks highly of Ofweneke

When asked why the relationship never made it to his social media pages; Weezdom was kind enough to reveal that he had no plans of making things weird between him and Dr Ofweneke.

Speaking during the Chat Spot show, the former gospel artist went on to speak highly of Dr Ofweneke who he says he respects; and did not mean any disrespect with the leaked photos. Of course it’s hard for the two men to be friends after Weezdom explored Niccah despite Sauti Sol singing bibi ya wenyewe is a no go zone.

Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Niccah

However Weezdom learnt about this after it was too late and the young man has no option but be humble even when speaking about Ofweneke. During his interview, Wisdom went on to open saying;

Mimi narespect sana Dr Ofweneke ni bro yangu mkubwa ni msee amenisupport. and that is why atakama nilikuwa na Niccah sikutaka kuonesha niko na yeye.

Not quite sure how Dr Ofweneke feels about all this but I bet any man in his position would really be having it rough!


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