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Weezdom finally talks about his relationship with Dr Ofweneke’s baby mama

May 07, 2020 at 09:37
Weezdom finally talks about his relationship with Dr Ofweneke's baby mama

Weezdom’s fame is not about to disappear from the entertainment scene anytime soon. In fact other than Bahati, former gospel singer Weezdom, is the second most scandalous person we have since come to know on social media.

So far Weezdom has been involved in several online fights with the likes of Mr Seed, Ringtone among others including his current best friend, Bahati. He however survives this since it’s obvious that Weezdom has perfected the art of getting sympathy on social media.

Anyway, with all that we can’t forget his photos with comedian Ofweneke’s ex wife, Niccah; that were allegedly leaked on social media but an unknown person. Looking at the photos it was evident to see that Niccah and Weezdom were not just friends; but lovers on the down low.

Nicah with Weezdom in bed

Who leaked the photos?

During his interview with presenters from K24’s Chat Spot show; Weezdom for the very first time got to open up about these selfies and as expected he denied having leaked them.

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According to the young singer, everyone has a past and just like any other person this too was his old life. He went on to bash the few gospel artists claiming he leaked the photos in order to trend; wherelese the truth is that he has no idea how they surfaced on social media.

In the interview Weezdom went on to mention that he was aware that a photo like that would could several doors in his career; convincing the presenters that it wasn’t him who shared them online.

Weezdom and a woman, seemingly Nicah the Queen, spotted in bed together

Beef with Mr Seed

Apart from the incident that happened on 2019 new years eve; we have no idea why Mr Seed and Weezdom dislike each other so much. However thanks to the k24 interview, Weezdom once again went all out trashing Seed’s career which he says has no future.

Although he may have crossed the boundaries by mentioning Willy Paul and Nimo’s past relationship; it’s obvious to see that Weezdom indeed holds a dark spot for Seed in his heart – will they ever really ever settle this beef?


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