During Paula’s baby shower, Kajala was made to apologize to P-Funk Majani, the baby’s father [Video]

Bongo Movie actress Fridah Kajala extended a heartfelt apology to her baby daddy and music Producer P-Funk Majani during their daughter Paula Kajala’s baby shower.

Acknowledging her past mistakes, Kajala expressed remorse for her actions, recognizing that she had wronged her baby daddy on numerous occasions.

She admitted to not being in regular communication with P-Funk but mentioned that whenever necessary, she utilizes his wife as an intermediary to convey messages.

“I want to express gratitude to Paul (P-Funk) for accepting the invitation and showing understanding. There were certain things I did on social media that he, as a father, disapproved of. I recognized my mistakes and extended my apologies to him as a co-parent to ensure a smooth relationship for the sake of our daughter. There were behaviors of mine that irked him, and even our daughter was aware of them,” Kajala shared.

Further expressing appreciation, Kajala thanked Majani’s wife of 14 years for her continuous support and assistance whenever needed.

“Given that P-Funk and I don’t communicate directly, his wife serves as our main point of contact. Despite us having blocked each other on all communication platforms, we value her role as our link to P-Funk. We hold her in high regard, and she is very involved in our lives,” Kajala added.


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Addressing P-Funk directly, she humbly apologized for any harm caused, acknowledging his role as a caring father.

In response, P-Funk graciously accepted Kajala’s apology, urging both Marioo and Paula to emulate the enduring nature of his 14-year marriage with his wife.

His wife, Samira, expressed joy at being part of the occasion, extending warm wishes to Marioo and Paula while thanking Kajala for their shared journey despite the ups and downs.

The star-studded baby shower, attended by celebrities including Alikiba, Ommy Dimpoz, and Juma Jux, saw Marioo presenting his partner with a brand-new Mercedes Benz as they anticipate the arrival of their baby girl.

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