Edday Nderitu Laments as Samidoh’s Affair Turns Her Family Upside Down

Edday Nderitu, the wife of Mugithi maestro Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh, has lamented how her husband’s affair with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has turned her family upside down.

In a recent social media post, Edday shared a throwback photo of her family with Samidoh and their two children. The photo, which was taken several years ago, shows a happy and loving family.

However, in the caption, Edday revealed that the family is no longer happy. She wrote: “I tell you… and just like that the family was turned upside down.”

Edday’s post comes just months after she revealed that her marriage to Samidoh has been in trouble for the past three years. She said that Samidoh’s affair with Nyamu has caused her a lot of pain and suffering.

“I have been married for 15 years and for the past three years, my marriage has been in trouble,” Edday said. “My husband has been having an affair with Karen Nyamu and it has caused me a lot of pain and suffering.”

Edday’s revelations have shocked many people, who had no idea that her marriage was in trouble. Samidoh is a popular Mugithi musician and Nyamu is a nominated Senator. Both are well-known and respected figures in Kenyan society.

It is not clear what the future holds for Edday and Samidoh’s marriage. However, it is clear that the affair with Nyamu has caused a lot of pain and suffering for Edday and her family.

Edday’s Story is a Reminder that Affairs Can Destroy Families

Edday’s story is a reminder that affairs can destroy families. When a spouse cheats, it can cause a lot of pain and suffering for the other spouse and the children. It can also lead to divorce, which can have a devastating impact on everyone involved.

If you are in a relationship and you are considering having an affair, please think carefully about the consequences. Affairs can ruin lives.

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