Eric Omondi begs Kenyans to listen after break up: It’s not a stunt. It’s over 

Comedian Eric Omondi is not seeking any attention. The comedian just wants Kenyans to know he’s no longer dating Chantal..

Omondi took to social media to announce the breakup and even his fiancee shared that the two had to end their four-year relationship. Kenyans however, insist it’s a publicity stunt and they are not falling for it this time round.


Eric had a sit down with Pulse Magazine and shared why he had the relationship had to end. He insisted that it’s not a stunt.

Here’s the full interview courtesy of SDE.

P: For starters, we hope this is not another prank you are pulling on your many Instagram followers?

Eric: No. The post is not a stunt. It is just crazy how people are going on Instagram and commenting with some saying that “hii ni kipindi” (this is a prank) but it is real. We have called it a day.

P: Why has this happy affair that seemed like it was headed to a happy union hit rock bottom?

E: I love Chantal and I know she loves me. She is 21 years and it is four and a half years since we knew each other. We have been trying to handle this matter carefully and I blame myself for the way things have turned. It was time to make this move anyway.

P: What exactly? What caused the rift?

E: Like I said, it has been four and a half years since we started out. Since, we seem not to be making any progress. First of all, Chantal is young and I consider myself a bit old. I feel like I have been a stumbling block for her as my career has been progressing yet, as she committed to make this work, hers has been stagnating.

She has been ensuring that my brand works but what am I doing for her? It is a long-distance relationship because her family lives in Italy and she only comes here for like six months to visit me. I am not growing any younger.

P: Does it mean you were not letting her follow her path?

E: See, thing is that as much as I would let her do that, I don’t think we were getting the space for it. And I blame myself again. She would want to join Emirates and even go to school.

We had this conversation, she would ask that since I am doing comedy, what did I expect her to be doing without a proper base. I would feel that she was idle and that she needed to get somewhere. The only solution was for us to set each other free. I was suffocating Chantal.

P: For how long did the two of you have this “let’s give each other space” discussion?

E: This discussion has taken us three months. Like you know, it is even her birthday on Friday (today) and I had hoped we’d be together but it is now what it is. I am wishing her all the best. I want her to be free, to get on and discover herself. I want her to make decisions without feeling like I am holding her back. That applies to me too. If our paths collide again, then, well and good. If she finds another man and I find another woman, then so be it. But I want everyone to know that Chantal and I love each other so much and that there are no ill-feelings.

P: Would you say, like this was a false dream?

E: Not really. Everything happens for a reason. We have been learning a lot from each other…especially me.

Eric Omondi and Chantal [Photo: Courtesy]

P: Whom can you say is the loser in this break-up; you or her?

E: Clearly I am the loser as much as I feel bad for her. I am getting old. I am the one who would feel like we settled down. She has a whole life ahead of her and I can’t hold her back for my selfish gains.

P: What is that one thing you will always remember her for?

E: Chantal is very mature and very understanding. She respects people, whether she knows them or not. In fact, I am ashamed to say this but Chantal is more mature than I.

P: Do you have any regrets having gotten to a much publicised affair that ends and leaves you looking like you failed?

E: God knows about my insecurities. I realised that I love Chantal so much. I would think that if I let go she’d meet another man and that would hurt. But like I said, if I did that it would be for selfish gains.

P: Her mother was very involved in this too…

E: She is in the picture and knows all about this as we discussed it with her. Remember that I met Chantal through her. She understands and both of them will be in Kenya in a few weeks so I hope we will meet and have a chat.

P: What is the biggest lesson we learn from this?

E: When you feel like it’s time to let go, just let go. Don’t fight.


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