Eric Omondi Blasts Odi Wa Murang’a After He Was Busted In Ladies Washroom At A Local Club

Gengetone star Odi wa Murang’a has been blasted by Eric Omondi after he was busted in the ladies washroom; allegedly trying to ‘get it’ while in the washroom.
According to Eric’s statement, an alarm was raised by a lady who was in the incidence.
Eric Omondi took to his Instagram to share a video of the youngin and captioned;
”LONG POST ALERT!!! Sasa huyu Odi Wa Muranga kwani hana Keja Jana alishikwa Kwa Ladies (Choo ya Madem) Akikulana hapa @loungemi_amor sasa anajaribu ku change story. One of our lady Clients raised an alarm after kuwapata Kwa Ladies akaita ma Bouncer wakatolewa (SEE EVIDENCE ABOVE).”
Eric continued to admonish youngins like Odi not to indulge in such uncanny things.
”Mazee Vijana tukue serious kidogo na life. Sisi tumefungua hustle hapa Langata yakusaidia Vijana. Hii Club tumefungua hapa ime employ watu ka 60 na wote ni Vijana wana hustle for their families. Tusiharibie watu Unga na hizi times economy ni ngumu.”
Eric Omondi has been on the frontline rooting for the price of unga and cost of living to be reduced. He’s currently ongoing with his demonstration. And today, Kenyans have joined him in the demonstrations; which were imminent.
Watch the video here

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