Eric Omondi exposes his baby mama for wearing his torn boxers

Online, comedian and philanthropist Eric Omondi, the boyfriend of digital content developer Lynne Njihia, and his partner share personal details of their relationship with their admirers.
In a video posted on Lynne’s YouTube channel, the couple played a card game called “Questionnaire” and revealed previously undisclosed information about their parenting style and relationship.
Lynne began by underlining that they were given the question cards just before they sat down to shoot and that they had no prior knowledge of the questions. The fact that neither of their inquiries was comparable made the discussion much more engaging.
The two got into it, showing off their adorable, carefree sides as well as some of their uncomfortable, almost cringe-worthy characteristics.

Eric began by stating that potatoes are the food that most describes his partner; he did not, however, elaborate on the reasoning for his selection of that particular dish.
Nothing could have prepared you for Eric’s response when Lynne asked her baby daddy to reveal the most embarrassing item she wears around the house. Things took a hilarious turn at that point.

“Kale kangotha kangu ka black ulichukua…

You know that underwear of mine that you repossessed? It has a hole on the backside or is it at the hip area…, yes it has a hole but it is there, when we go home go check,”

Regarding the most ridiculous thing the couple has ever quarrelled over, Eric dismissed the issue with a laugh, claiming that all of their disagreements were ridiculous. But after retelling the one he believes is the best, they got into a heated argument.

“You should have asked the opposite, like what is the most serious thing we have argued about. But sasa ile argument kabisaa I will say socks. Yes, socks. Now the thing is I put dirty socks on our kid’s side. Socks chafu naweka side ya Kaya kumbe hufaa kuweka hapo, hii side ya mtoto.

Like Kaya’s side is so clean, so mimi nikifika tu natoa socks but huwezi weka anything hapo, socks, viatu or anything,”

Bringing out a dish that she would never try Lynne emphasized that she would refuse to consume omena even if it meant starving to death. They were unattractive, bitter, and had an odd appearance, she said.


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