Eyebrows Raised As Mulamwah Pulls Down Video Exposing Deep Information On Break-Up With Carrol

Mulamwah seems to have come up with a contingency plan after revelation of surreptitious information that he spewed yesterday about his fallout with ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie. The jester went ahead to divulge what led to their break-up while Sonie was pregnant last year- insinuating she cheated on her with another man.

”Kama msichana amepelekwa mpaka kuekewa family planning na chali mwingine… Ule daktari amemwekea ndio anakupigia anakuambia dem yako amekuwa apa na chali fulani kuekewa family planning…”

He also went ahead to state that Sonie was on the verge of getting rid of pregnancy when she was 3 months pregnant;

”Manze sisi wanaume huonekana wabaya sana kwa izi mambo za relationship. Mnajua mama yake alikuwa amemtoa kweli? At 3 months. Alikuwa ameshameza pills. Mimi nimegundua too late that she was doing that. Nimeenda hospitali nimetumia mapesa sijui ngapi ku sustain hio pregnancy to term… We keep quiet to protect quite a lot…”

On the other hand, Carrol has since remained oblivious over the paramount claims; adding that she doesn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with their daughter.

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Mulamwah Deletes Video

Mulamwah has now pulled down the video from his Instagram; after probably noticing he spilled a lot. Some of his statements in the video were contradictory to his interview sentiments with Dr. Ofweneke earlier this week; including claims that he was being restricted from seeing his daughter. In the interview, he stated that there’s no restrictions, but in his video yesterday, he claimed vice versa.

Watch his full video below;

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