Former gay Only Fans content creator Sammy Boy flaunts filling full tank at 22K!

Controversial Kenyan influencer Sammy Boy reveals how much it costs to fuel his Mercedes Benz GLE: Sh22,000

In a recent Q&A session with his Instagram followers, Sammy Boy disclosed that he spends Sh22,000 to fill up his Mercedes Benz GLE when it’s on reserve.

“Full tank ya mnyama ni kama how much hivi (roughly how much does it cost to fuel your big machine?)” a curious netizen asked.

Sammy replied by sharing a screenshot of his M-Pesa message dated September 15, 2023, showing that he had paid Sh19,050 to fuel up his car.

Unlike most celebrities, Sammy did not blur out his M-Pesa balance, which showed that he had over Sh140,000 remaining in his mobile phone wallet.

Sammy Boy’s revelation has shocked many Kenyans, especially in light of the current tough economic times. However, it is a reminder of the lavish lifestyle that some celebrities lead.

It is also important to note that the cost of fueling a car varies depending on the type of car, the size of the fuel tank, and the current fuel prices.

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