Get ready to be blessed! The Jimmy Gait you all fell in love with is back with a spiritually elevating new song

Jimmy Gait quit music because of online trolls but he has reinvented himself and I bet everyone is going to fall in love with him once again.

2017 was a very bad year for Jimmy Gait, he was cyber-bullied to the extent that he decided to quit music altogether. Remember when he broke down in tears on May 19th 2017 while being interviewed on the Trend?

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Second chance

Jimmy decided to launch Hisiah Campaign to address cyber-bulling. And while working on Hisiah Campaign he also decided to reinvent his music career.

His first song after his reinvention was ‘Roho’ which he released in January 2018. The song received a warm reception from Kenyans and this inspired Jimmy Gait to drop a second song ‘Pokea Sifa’ which is even more uplifting.

The gospel singer dropped ‘Pokea Sifa’ on Monday September 24th, the song has earned Jimmy Gait praise from the same people who used to be hostile to him a while back.

Watch the video below:



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