Grace Msalame reveals motherhood struggles she has been battling for years

Image: Grace Msalame

Motherhood is the best phase when it comes to a woman’s life. Although there are those who see no need in having children; there are those who crave for this experience although truth is, it’s the hardest part of growing up as a woman.

Well just a few weeks after welcoming son, Media personality Grace Msalame is now back to work; and boy is she having a hard time leaving her baby boy home now that mummy has to head out to make money. The new mum in town revealed this in a detailed post where she went on to talk about her separation anxiety when it comes to her kids.

Through her Instagram page, Ms Msalame went on to address this saying;

Msalame with son

When Mama tries a Masterpiece of her own Let’s talk about Separation Anxiety????can’t believe I’m back here 9yrs later! Leaving my kids whether it’s for a meeting or errands takes ages because you’re simply attached to the hip, then when you finally do, you’re calling to check in every minute yet you know all is well????

Mom guilt

Since this is a struggle all mums have to put up with; Grace Msalame went on to also address the mom guilt’ feeling that often drains or rather haunts a mother every now and then.

However thanks to Msalame’s post, mums can now relax and not judge themselves as ‘bad mums’ just because they are working mum. She went on to add;

Motherhood explained; You can get overwhelmed & just need a little break only to miss them terribly when you do????& then there’s Mom guilt! It never ends???? Grateful the time apart comes with extra milk supply & a more re-energized Mama????.

But all in all, it is life!

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