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‘Hakuna kesi iko kotini’ Jimal Rohosafi claims wife was bluffing about filing for divorce

July 01, 2022 at 17:59
‘Hakuna kesi iko kotini’ Jimal Rohosafi claims wife was bluffing about filing for divorce

The whole week must have been interesting for Amber Ray who continues to scatter homes, couples and break hearts of young lovers who once believed she could love them.

Let’s not even talk about Mr Kabba because that’s a serious case – one that he and Amber Ray can resolve. But there’s Jimal Rohosafi who was said to have moved on with one of his young employees, Michelle – a single mum he says is also his best friend.

Jimal’s new babe

Wait, wait…best friends like friends forever or is it more like Bestie bestie chubwi? Cause damn, honestly speaking sijawai Ona best friends from two different generations….sana sana male and female.

No. Doesn’t work, can’t work and will never work. Come on guys…it’s like a gazelle and a lion being friends…okay I know it has happened out there in the wild….but like I said…out in the wild not in these streets, nope! Never.

Single and happy

Anyway having denied his relationship with Michelle – Jimal Rohosafi did not also forget to distance himself from his two favorite wives, Amira and Amber Ray.

According to the guy – it’s true he is no longer involved with either of them and this is after they all verbally agreed to part ways. But what about his wife filing for a divorce?

Well Jimal says;

I left both Amber and Amira. There is no divorce case in any court. We separated verbally. Kila mtu aende zake like grown up people.

Concluding with;

I can never lie that there is a case anywhere yet I don’t know about the future,


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