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“Hakuwa ata na kitanda, tulilala chini” Wolper shares unknown details from past relationship with Harmonize 

December 08, 2020 at 19:27
"Hakuwa ata na kitanda, tulilala chini" Wolper shares unknown details from past relationship with Harmonize 

Wolper Stylish is a known stylist in Dar Es Salaam and also a popular actress who has been in the industry for over 10 years now. Those who enjoy Swahili movies may know some of her projects; but most East Africans got to learn about her through Harmonize.

Well, before the Mzungu wife happened – singer Harmonize had been in a serious relationship with actress Wolper; but somewhere along the way, he gave up on her moving on with a wealthier lady.

All along many knew that Harmonize was the one supporting Wolper when they were dating; but thanks to an Instagram post, we know understand that it was actually the opposite. This is after Wolper opened up about the Tsh 30 million Harmonize claims to have given her when they were an item.

Wolper with ex boyfriend, Harmonize

Wolper sets the record straight

Speaking for the first time in a now deleted post, Wolper denied ever receiving such an amount from her ex; and judging from how she spoke, it seems that she was the one taking care of him. She said,

‘Huwezi kusema kwamba umempa girlfriend yako milion 30 na wakati mapenzi yenu yalionekana aipokutoa mpaka aipokufikisha na vya ndani najua kabisa kwamba sabuni ya kuogea ambayo ni shower gel alikuwa anajua ni mafuta na alikuwa anapaka kama mafuta. Nikamwabia hayo sio mafuta ni sabuni. Halafu leo hii anasema amenipa tsh30 million…hiyo pesa aitoa wapi?’

The pissed off stylist who has been maintaining her silence since their break up went on to add saying;

‘Nimeenda kwao nimelala chini tunatumia kibatari sahidi mamake. Nimepika nje kwa kuni kwa hivyo million 30 katoa wapi? Alishindwa kunua kitanda…uongo mwingine unakuwa ni wa kilevi.’

Tbt Wolper and Harmonize

Hints about Harmonize’s alleged ego

Just like ex wife Sarah – Wolper also went on to confirm that Harmonize is a proud man who will only be humbled by Karma. This is because she also took care of him when he had nothing; but chose to dump her immediately after bagging Sarah.

The stylist went on to conclude saying;

‘I’ve been through a lot in this fake relationship. If i put all here everyone will be shocked because you have another face kabisa. You always put a mask on your face. I don’t even have more words to say and speak now … you didn’t even appreciate what i did for you and now is too late … life will teach you the lesson you deserve for what you u did and now i will be focusing on my life … be blessed now u have all the time to be with any womon…and i advise you learn to appreciate and respect what people they do for you,’


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