He who laughs last, laughs best: Jemutai shares DNA results online

They say he who laughs last, laughs best! And in this case I guess comedienne Jemutai has every reason to celebrate; after her kids DNA test cane out 99.9% a match to that of their father, Prof Hamo.

This comes days after prof Hamo demanded for a DNA test of the two kids Jemutai was asking him to support. Being one with deadbeat traits; of course Hamo wasn’t ready to support the kids since he clearly had doubts about their paternity. Shame.

Hamo drama

Not to pick sides or anything – but Kenyans on social media couldn’t help but believe Jemutai; hence turned their anger to Hamo’s who they continue to troll him on social media. Anyway now that the results have confirmed that he is the father – what’s happens next?

Prof Hamo
Comedian prof Hamo

Jemutai gloats

Announcing the DNA results through her IG page, Ms Jemutai’s shared a short post where she wrote;


Jemutai gloats

Clearly, this post was aimed at proving a point; now that Hamo has no excuse to dismiss the kids he had barely been supporting – that is judging from what Jemutai said a while back.

Anyway, let’s wait and hear what the comedian has to say now that he knows the two babies are his.

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