‘Hio Proposal Haikupangwa Vizuri’- Pritty Vishy Denigrates Stivo Simple Boy’s Proposal To New Girlfriend (Video)

Musician Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has greatly belittled the singer’s recent proposal to his girlfriend identified as Gee.

Pritty vs Stivo’s Relationship

The ‘Freshi Barida’ hitmaker recently bagged himself a wife, whom he’s yet to get married to after going down on his knees to make the proposal a day ago.

To be honest, the proposal looked like a staged thingy. And Stivo’s ex Vishy agrees with this sentiment.

She recently shared with Mungai Eve that even though she’s happy for the two lovebirds, the proposal wasn’t properly acted.

Hio proposal haikupangwa… Siskii wivu. Uta announce aje ati unaenda ku propose? Si proposal inakuanga surprise?

“I’m genuinely happy for them.”

She continued with a piece of advice to Gee and admonished her to make the first move when it comes to ‘twa twa’.

“What I can advise the lady is when it comes to bedroom matters, she should be the one to push for it. She should also teach him how to be a man, how to be romantic. I wish them a happy relationship.”

Pritty doesn’t seem to be contented with the new lover as she proceeded:

” Lakini mahali alinigonga alini replace na mtu mrefu. Heri angeni replace na kafupi. Anyway, I’m happy for them by the way coz me hadi nime move on. You see? Kila mtu ame move on. Ikiflow ina flow tu…”

Watch Pritty’s full interview below:

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