‘How Sure Are You Alishikwa?’ Bridget Achieng Defends Huddah After Alleged House Arrest

Huddah’s lavish lifestyle in Dubai for months has kept many of her fans wondering why she doesn’t want to return to her motherland. Turns out, she’s alleged to be under house arrest, which has kept her in the picturesque city.

Huddah however, denied the allegations and shut down bloggers for writing the same about her.

”If you follow what idlers say about Huddah you’ll die of depression! Huddah is just doing Huddah. Nobody can ever take me down. Only God and myself.”

Huddah also continued to say that she’s free to travel into any part of the world she wishes; but she blames the pandemic for restricting her.

Go Easy On Huddah

Socialite Bridget Achieng has now come to defend her. After having one of the most embarrassing moments in her life weeks ago, she finally decided to have her vacay in Dubai. She posted a photo of herself while in the City, and one of her fans criticized Huddah by commenting;

”Salimia prisoner wetu..mwambie tunampenda na heri yeye juu kamiti is not a choice????????”

Socialite Bridget Achieng responded with remorse to her saying;

”Let’s stop being mean aki how sure are you alishikwa ?? Stop it aki ????????”

The allegations against Huddah have however not been confirmed; but without a doubt, Huddah is not coming back soon.


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