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How To Not Seem Dumb When You Return to Kenya !

August 07, 2019 at 19:31
How To Not Seem Dumb When You Return to Kenya !

The first time I flew back into the country, I had spent 8 years away swatting at leather-bound journals, for a law degree. No one in the family came to my graduation party – none could afford the air ticket and visa fees to the US. But my family outdid themselves at the airport. I met a busload of excited relatives in various levels of sobriety dancing and waving fly whisks at the airport.

It’s understandable – my law degree was the first one in the family.

We then embarked on slow bus ride for several hours to our rural home. I remember most of that bus ride was spent getting the updates, and it was a lot to cover. I was 8 years behind. It was hard to stomach everything thrown at me, and my cousins are not averse to hyperbole.

I got internship and a job in the US soon after, and since then, am usually away for spells lasting two, perhaps, three years. My relatives soon tired of the airport fanfare, and nowadays, I do not even call to alert them of my imminent arrival.

And, I usually hardly need their exaggerated updates on what’s happening in the country. Plus, their scope is a little limited to the affairs in the village – whose daughter has married off whose son, et al.

Airtel Kenya has got me covered.

Immediately I clear customs, I switch on my Airtel lines, and dial *544# for the latest data offers.

It sure feels nice to be home, with Airtel Kenya data packages. I have a lot to catch up on the long bus ride home – without drunken singing in the background.

Airtel Kenya has the UNLIMINET bundle. For just Ksh.500, I get an excess of 2.5GB + 150 Mins + 1000 SMS valid for a Month.

But I have nephews and nieces who love YouTube, so I usually get the Ksh.1000 package – an unbelievable 8GB + 400 Mins + 2000 SMS valid for a Month.

Once am online with Airtel data package, I usually sample the trending local hits. I realize the Odi Dance is slowly turning into a global revolution. There’s various hits – Na Iwake Remix, Wamlambez (a little hard to wrap my head around), the perennially awesome Moipei Sisters are still at it.

In my free time, I like to moonlight as an amateur chef, mostly through local cuisine. How else to treat your relatives than by making them their everyday dishes in a spanking new way? I log into cooking blogs, and there’s a whole lot of new ones – PikaChakula, Kaluhi’s Kitchen, Ordinary Kitchen among others.

Prepare your palates, family. Master Chef has landed.

I like to travel when I visit Kenya – I need to keep my bragging rights back in the diaspora. I skim all the latest travel news. I learn of the popular Sky Diving feature at Diani Beach, South Coast.

Not that I intend to try that. My mother would remind me to get married first. Thou shall not risk my future grandkids. So I skim news about The Serengeti, The Mara and the annual wildebeest migration. I certainly wouldn’t mind a road trip.

Thanks to Airtel, by the time I hit the rural, I am up to date. Perhaps, much more than the average resident.

Take advantage of Airtel affordable data, dial *544# and get going.



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