Huddah Monroe sold her Range Rover? D-List socialite flaunts Huddah’s Range Rover and the internet is confused

Huddah Monroe’s Ranger Rover has been seen with another socialite and people are asking questions. It’s not clear whether the SUV is now owned by the sprouting socialite.

KCB 001H is the most iconic Range Rover in Kenya because of Huddah Monroe. The socialite painted her British machine pink but now it’s grey again.

Who is the owner of the Range Rover?

The same KCB 001H Range Rover has been spotted with another socialite Joy Agunjah aka TBaby. The socialite caused tongue to wag when she was seen flaunting the Range Rover which everybody knows is Huddah’s.

It’s not clear whether Joy Agunjah has bought the Range Rover or she’s just showing off Huddah’s SUV.

Joy Agunjah aka TBaby



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