“I thought the drinks were free” Mishi Dora explains how she left Ksh 152,000 bill

Image: Mishi Dora

Weuh. Just let me say wueh because I’m literally tired after watching Mishi Dora’s interview with Dr Ofweneke where she explains how she was left with 152k bill for both top shelf drinks and some food at popular club along Mombasa road.

Apparently what Mishi Dora says is that the club played her by having her arrested for a bill she was not supposed to pay for.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden Bistro

According to Mishi, she’d previously agreed with the clubs management on how they would her pay her for hosting a gig at their club; and since this is more of marketing the venue they agreed to giving her free drinks and transport for both her and Nigerian guests.

Naive or a don’t care?

Okay so from what she says is that the club was to give her guests free drinks, which they did; only for them to present her with the jaw dropping bill a few days later. But again, as a mother of 3 or is it two….why would you agree to such a deal when you have bills to pay?

I know this is something many celebrities are used to…barter trade but with how bad the economy is, tell me why a mum or just anyone  would prefer alcohol over cash? Doesn’t matter how much – but as long as it can pay bills why not insist on getting the money?

  Actually what happened is apart from acting I host gigs so usually when you host gigs you have to a deal with the club, they pay you and they give you free alcohol on top of that. So I had a deal with golden ice but they told me that they can’t pay me, they don’t pay artists so the deal we had was for them to provide us with alcohol. I’m like I have guests so then I picked my producer she came from Nigeria, I picked her from the airport and I remember I got stranded in the car that we were supposed to use to pick the producer at the airport haikufika mapema and golden ice had already promised me two Mercedes Benz.

Mishi Dora


so I contacted them and I’m like I’m stranded at the airport and they said no we are supposed to pick you up from your venue of the event, (not from the airport) so I had to improvise and then we had an event and they eventually came with their two Mercedes Benz. And they picked us up and we went for our after party and we had fun it was actually more than what I expected or more than what I bargained for.

Messy publicity?

However after a week since the weekend, Mishi says she received a DM requesting her to pay up for the pending bill left at Golden Bistro….and this is how she ended up getting arrested.

Is it me Ama Pombe ya bure huwa tricky sana…actually – I’m wondering didn’t Mishi feel that this deal was too good to be true? Drinks worth Ksh 152000? Are you trying to put them out of business or something?

But as you can see….nothing is ever free in this world of sin. Again…how is she partying with the kids still stuck somewhere at an orphanage? Must be misplaced priorities, yes I said it. Iris whaar iris.

Anyway watch the full interview below.

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