“I used to sleep on top of ‘mitumba’ clothes until I met the son of an MP,” MC Jessy tells his story (Video)

Image: “I used to sleep on top of ‘mitumba’ clothes until I met the son of an MP,” MC Jessy speaks of humble beginnings (Video)

MC Jessy is a man you listen to and leaves you dumbfound. His wise words, intelligence and view of the real world stand out, but very few know his story.

The top Kenyan comedian featured on Jalango TV, kicking off the interview with an interesting revelation.

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Jalang’o dedicated the first few minutes before the interview to sincerely thank MC Jessy for the push and commitment to see that he eventually graduated.

“I don’t know how to just say Thank You again. In 2013, I registered for my Bachelors and never came back. 3 years later, your persistent calls pushed me to where I am today. Thank you so much,” Jalang’o opened up.

Jalang’o graduates

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November 12, 2020 at 12:05

From rags to stardom

Jessy was born in Meru to both his parents who passed on when he was 11, but that only made him stronger and a firm believer in God.

The MC was a lover of drama ever since his high school days that saw him grow his career in the field but soon as he was done, he could not make it to campus.

MC Jessy

He left Meru for Nairobi where he had to learn how to survive, he tried National Theatre but to no avail.

“I used to stay at the Meru bus stage in Tearoom. Where goods are stored, I used to sleep on top of the last one. We would all share the little food we had,” he disclosed.

Comedian Jessy

That was for 3 months before he met his former high school classmate, whose dad was an MP and lived in Kileleshwa. That day, Jessy went to stay with his friend and the dad and never returned to Tearoom.

“I would prepare breakfast for them just to make myself relevant. Eventually I spent more days with them and became their houseboy,” MC Jessy added.

The MC did house chores for a while until his talent in comedy was discovered by a Nigerian pastor and the rest is history. Have a listen;


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