MC Jessy’s suggestive response to DJ Pierra after complaining her daughter is outgrowing her school uniform raises eyebrows

Image: MC Jessy’s suggestive response to DJ Pierra after complaining her daughter is outgrowing her school uniform raises eyebrows

MC Jessy is known for his comical stunts but at times, they can go overboard unknowingly and end up working against him.

After 9 months of school-going children forced to stay at home in the face of Coronavirus, DJ Pierra’s daughter has unfortunately outgrown her school uniform.

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News she has made public while crying foul after buying her 4-year old Ricca Pokot, school uniform early in the year that has already been rendered no longer fit for use.

The debate

The celebrity DJ shared a recent photo of her baby girl dressed in her school uniform that has already become too small for her, crying;

“FAM!! at the begin of the year 2020, I bought uniform for my LO. It’s end of the year Ricca hasn’t gone to school.. guess what ! She has out grown her uniform…????????????????????????????”.

Ricca Pokot stuns in school uniform

A greatly pained Pierra Makena admitting that every parent should by now understand how it feels, for your child to outgrow newly bought uniform that was very expensive.

“…just to repeat that uniform is very expensive…parents know that,” she pens.

They don’t fit no more…. kids grow so fast. Now what do i do?????? ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️,” she questions.

Ms Ricca Pokot

But the mere fact that they no longer fit did not convince her enough that it is time to dispose of them.

Declaring that it is time her daughter started dressing in her school uniform even during Zoom classes.

MC Jessy provides a lasting solution

No sooner had she made her declaration that fellow entertainerMC Jessy readily provided a solution;

“Don’t worry, na Usiitupe….her small sister will use it. ????”

MC Jessy

Well, quick-witted fans quickly understood what he meant, in other words, he will get DJ Pierra a younger daughter so that she can compensate for Riccas fast growth.

Something she agreed to; “???????????????????????????? I’m on it”.

True to it, fans backed him up, admitting that since both hail from Meru, then it would not be a bad idea, starting a campaign on baby number 2 for the disk jockey.

DJ Pierra with daughter Ricca

MC Jessy is currently a single man, while DJ Pierra has embraced single parenting with a big spoon.

her_majesty_81 wewe ndo utaleta the small sis????????????????. Yu two would make the best couple
gahmbih voice of reason each time ????baite helps a baite????????????????
kendicarol22 online in-laws we want another baby ????????????????

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