I’m Not Clout Chasing!- Bridget Achieng Narrates How Ringtone Took Advantage Of Her, Claims He Did The Same To 6 More Women

After the revelation by socialite Bridget Achieng of being raped by gospel artist Ringtone a few years ago, there has been a lot of controversial responses from both men and women. Most people believed that Bridget was just clout chasing since she kept quiet for over 7 years on the issue; why now?

Ringtone did not hesitate to give his comeback through a video. In the video, which he posted on his Instagram, the gospel artist is seen throwing tantrums and showers Bridget with insults. He even went ahead and called the socialite a fat cow. Ringtone dismissed the claims of raping her and says that this was just a means of spoiling his name.

Ringtone Apoko fires back at Bridget Achieng amid rape allegations - Sharon Madonna!
Bridget and Ringtone-Google

However, Bridget has come out clear and narrates the incident. She says she met Ringtone in church. This was when Ringtone approached her and praised her for her good singing. He later invited her to his house to record there; claiming he had a recording studio in his house.

” We were seated on the couch. We were waiting for the producer… And he locked the door, went with the key. All of a sudden the man came back and was just talking to me. All of a sudden he just grabbed me. The next thing I knew I was down and the rest is history…”

Making matters worse, Bridget claims Ringtone did the same to 6 more girls.

I bet Ringtone will have something to say about this. Bridget seems to be the trustworthy one on this one. Meanwhile, let’s end rape culture!

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