Is Jaguar Crushing On Akothee Silently?

Akothee is not yet done with CAS Charles Njagua after he claimed that he’s wealthier than her and shouldn’t be compared to her. Turns out, it was a wrong move to go after the former President of single mothers.

After Jaguar’s sentiments, Akothee has been hurling unprintable insults at the CAS; without caring what anyone thinks about her/them.

Akothee started off by disapproving Jaguar’s sentiments of being wealthier than her. She spewed that he’s only rich because of his Government job-not from music. She added that Jaguar is only surviving with tax-payers money.

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Jaguar Vs Akothee

It’s quite intriguing that the two have had a surreptitious beef for years. Akothee recently unearthed news about her beef with Jaguar from 2016.

She claims Jaguar has been trying to use her name to remain relevant over the years;

From the latter, it’s evident that Jaguar has been following up on Akothee’s life. Is there more to this that we don’t know about?

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