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“It almost killed my career” Jalang’o reveals how ‘Boys Club’ scandal almost ruined him

January 14, 2021 at 16:57
"It almost killed my career" Jalang'o reveals how 'Boys Club' scandal almost ruined him

The year 2020 did not have a smooth beginning for Jalang’o all thanks to blogger Edgar Obare; who exposed the radio host and his married male friends for sharing and using young girls.

To prove this, Edgar received reliable proof confirming that Jalang’o and his friends had been wilding off social media for months. And since they kept it private, not many were aware of this until the popular blogger exposed the stories on social media.

With the story already out, Jalang’o and his friends tried selling a different narrative; but unfortunately their Kenyan fans could not be played with the PR stunts.

Diana Marua with the boys club

Jalang’o speaks about incident

As much as he tried to play this cool, Jalang’o says that this was one of the experiences that left him scratching his head. This is because the story not only ruined his image; but pushed some clients away as they did not want to be associated with him.’

Speaking about this during his morning show on Kiss FM, Jalang’o admitted to have faced fire; but at the same time the experience made him stronger as he had two options – to quit or to fight! And he indeed fought.

Jalango with boys club members

According to the presenter, he says that the only people who stood by him were his mother and wife. Something that many would find hard to believe especially after he was caught cheating on his wife. Anyway addressing this, the presenter said;

Terence Creative (left), Edgar Obare (center) and JalangĀ“o (right)

Some clients pulled out and said they do not want to be associated with me. It got me to a corner and I said you know what, Heavy J, this is your moment either to come back or kill your career. I said you know what, I did not come this far to lose.

Just to prove how bad the scandal was; Jalang’o concluded by saying;

it is a test that I went through that almost killed my career.


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