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“I’ve been feeling so empty and I’ve cried a lot,” Shakilla pens disturbing message

October 08, 2020 at 09:18
"I've been feeling so empty and I've cried a lot," Shakilla pens disturbing message

Controversial socialite, Shakilla has penned a disturbing message filled with regrets, following her viral interview with Kamene and Jalas, yesterday.

An interview where Xtian was painted ‘the bad guy’ who was taking advantage of a young 19-year old Shakilla to build his own brand, while destroying her reputation.

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The blogger then clapped back in a long post, daring Jalang’o and Kamene, to fold their sleeves and get ready to go to war.

Xtian Dela, Andrew Kibe and Kamene

Shakilla’s regret letter

After coming to her senses and realizing the damage she had caused, Shakilla took to her IG page to pen a long message of regret revealing “she has been feeling so damn empty and cried a lot of tears”.

Not because of trolls or anything, but because she had ruined the solid, well-natured relationship she had molded with “her friend and net dad”-Xtian Dela, all in the name of an ‘interview’.

Xtian Dela and Shakilla

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“You made me. In fact I attribute being known on Instagram to you. From club Covid you always encouraged me when I wanted to give up,” she continued.

According to the babe, it was not with her own muscle that she rose to fame, but it was all because of Xtian’s viral exposes that she managed to break the internet.

“I can’t afford to loose you your my net dad. A true friend and the last person I wanna argue with. I APPRECIATE YOU AND LOVE YOU 🧡and that’s something you know. Am sorry,” cried out Shakilla.

Slay queen, Shakilla

She went to the extent to swear that she rather loose all the clout and even delete her IG account, just if that would repair their friendship.

“Friendship first!” declared Shakilla. Wrapping up: “There so many snakes out here for sure.”

Xtian Dela responds

Xtian who got the sincere letter from his dear friend soon enough, confirmed that they are in good terms, had forgiven her and continue to soldier on.

Xtian Dela and Shakilla

“Just be careful of the snakes who approach you in the name of helping. Chin up! Wipe your tears and keep your spirit high!!!” he urged the babe.

Her post has since sparked wild reactions online.


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