‘I’ve Told Jesus To Give Me A BMW I8 So That I can Ashame Secular Musicians’ Ringtone’s Message To Netizens

Alex Apoko, alias Ringtone, has once again took to social media to remind Kenyans that he has given Jesus one week to give him a BMW I8 that he asked for days ago. The gospel musician posted a video of himself while driving in his car, reminding netizens of his previously stated expectations. He also adds that the car would be a reason to ashame secular artists.

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” Yeah, good morning everybody, my name is Ringtone. I am the most handsome gospel musician from East Africa. And I am the richest musician in both secular and gospel from East and Central Africa. And today, I just want to say I am reminding you that I have given my God, Jesus, the Lord Christ an Ultimatum that him being my father, who created me with good reasons and I posses his DNA, I have given Him one week only.

I’ve given Jesus one week to give me the BMW I8. I should have asked for a Lamborghini. But because my father in heaven is too rich, in heaven dust is gold, I’ve just told him I just want a BMW I8 so that I can ashame the secular musicians. They can’t afford it and they’re refusing Jesus…”

The musician had previously posted the yellow BMW on his Instagram page. His reminder is merely a week before he posted the same.

Even though his reason for being gifted the car remains questionable, we’re patiently waiting for him to be blessed with the car.

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