Jackie Matubia abandons Blessing Lung’aho to celebrate baby’s birthday with another man

Image: Jackie Matubia

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia is celebrating her daughter Zendaya’s 8th birthday with her ex-partner, Kennedy Njogu.

The two parents were recently seen together at Zendaya’s graduation ceremony, where they posed for photos and celebrated their daughter’s achievement.

Matubia took to social media to share photos from the event, writing, “It’s Wanjiku’s Day! Help me wish My now 8yr old Daughter a happy birthday I love you Zari.. May God keep you and continue directing and blessing your paths I love you ♥️♥️.”

In the photos, Matubia and Njogu are seen beaming with pride as they watch their daughter graduate. They are also seen posing together for photos, which is a rare occurrence for the two, who have been separated for several years.

Matubia’s post was met with positive comments from her fans, who praised her for putting her daughter first and for being able to co-parent with her ex-partner in a positive way.

“This is so beautiful,” one fan wrote. “It’s great to see you and Kennedy putting your daughter first. Happy birthday to Zendaya!”

Another fan added, “You’re an amazing mother, Jackie. Zendaya is so lucky to have you.”

Matubia and Njogu have not publicly commented on their relationship status, but it is clear that they are committed to co-parenting Zendaya in a healthy and supportive way.

The actress has previously spoken about the importance of co-parenting, saying, “It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it for our daughter.”

It is clear that Matubia and Njogu are putting their daughter’s needs first, and that is something to be celebrated.

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