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This is why Jacque Maribe’s son is one stylish boy even at his young age

March 29, 2017 at 08:41
Jacque Maribe with her son

Jacque Maribe is among the celebrity mum’s who have been reluctant in showing off her baby’s face to the world. For almost 3 years now has been hiding her son Zahari’s face ever since she gave birth.

Jacque Maribe with her son

Jacque Maribe with her son

But one thing that she is not shy of doing is flaunting the young man looking dapper than most celebrities we know.

Though she is living like a single mother, Jacque Maribe is proving to have some good taste when it coming to buying her son outfits and dressing him up. Her social media followers have been requesting her to reveal where she shops for the little man since his style is just too dope.

From the photos I managed to get there is no doubt that Zahari has a stylist or his mother’s taste is just on another level. Unlike many kid’s his age who wear bubblegummers, the boy wears Converse, timberlands, Loafers and Mocassins.

Below are a few photos I managed to get from Jacque’s page showing her son’s style.


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