Jalang’o forces Pascal Tokodi to cry during Live interview (Video)

Jalang’o had Kenyan screen heartthrob Pascal Tokodi on set, flashing opulence for a better part of the interview before sending the actor breaking down to tears.

Pascal revealed that his big break in his film career was when he once cried on set until mucus flowed out from his nose. That is how he got picked for the now popular Selina TV drama series.

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The curiosity of the comedian saw him force Pascal to show fans how good he is at naturally drawing tears from his eyes and within no time, the kid was already bursting in tears.

Thespian, Pascal Tokodi

Shocked from the challenge, Jalang’o quickly turned away, looking embarrassed that his call had actually been answered but not so good a call to make after all.

Pascal eventually dried his tears but his natural prowess in the art left fans in shock.

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Pascal Tokodi & Ekirapa’s marriage

The film star avoided answering whether he was seeing someone or not and therefore failed to disclose his claimed secret wedding affair with Grace Ekirapa that went down over the weekend.

Grace Ekirapa allegedly weds Pascal Tokodi in private affair

However, it would be no shock that the two might be an item since they both are very religious, into singing as well as celebrated public figures. Plus, their ethnic backgrounds are not as distant.

But to his secret admirers, he stated “I am grateful you are seeing.”

Have a look at what went down during the interview;

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