Jalang’o to Naiboi: Before you pay the trip to Nigeria just remember the radio presenters who agreed to be in your video when Victoria Kimani turned you down

Rapper Naiboi probably forgets how the presenters he is now dissing greatly helped him even when fellow musicians failed to support him.

Several radio presenters appeared in Naiboi’s video ‘2 in 1’ when fellow musician Victoria Kimani turned him down when he approached her to appear in his video.

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Well, Naiboi is among artistes condemning presenters for ‘lack of support’. The rapper has also offered to pay flight tickets for five extra Kenyan TV and radio presenters to be flown to Nigeria.

“So after making calls and confirming how serious the OG is about this i have decided i will pay for 5more so thats a total of 15. Lets make it a Real experience for them.
#respecttheOG,” wrote Naiboi.


Jalang’o was quick to remind Naiboi how presenters came in handy when he was desperately begging for support while shooting video for his song ‘2 in 1’.



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