“Jemutai is my wife not a baby mama” Prof Hamo reveals weeks after demanding for kids DNA test

At this point Prof Hamo has decided to prove that he can entertain as a comedian and I’m sorry for this – but can also be a good clown! Or his PR game is just whack.

Barely a month after demanding for a DNA test from Jemutai’s kids; the fella says that he will be marrying Jemutai as a second wife since they have come from far; but come on,  what about the doubts he had about the kids not being his?

Jemutai with ‘husband’, Prof Hamo

Anyway, a fan went on to ask;

Have you sort out your issues with your baby Mama?

To which the comedian responded;

Shes not my baby mama. She’s my wife.

Not quite sure why the comedian is sugarcoating the whole baby mama drama; especially after Jemutai revealed that he had been neglecting his kids – when rumor has it that he has millions in his account.

Clearly shame is something Prof Hamo knows nothing about; hence his bold clown move on his IG QnA session where he went on to reveal that he will be marrying Jemutai as a second wife.

Love wins

Well, for prof Hamo to reveal such information we can bet that the couple is already back together; which explains Hamo’s confidence in referring to Jemutai as his wife.

Tutaambia watu nini – for those wondering how he managed to get his woman back; Hamo has this to say;

it’s people who love each other that fight.

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