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Jeraha hitmaker Jovial opens up about her battle with depression

May 30, 2022 at 14:31
Jeraha hitmaker Jovial opens up about her battle with depression

Singer Jovial understands what depression is and what it can do. This is after she experienced it late last year and the beginning of 2020 as revealed in a post shared on her social media pages/

According to the Jeraha hit maker – depression is something you cannot wish even on your worst enemy. Imagine having to battle with your mind about things you can’t control and most of the time – those not in control of their own emotions end up taking the easy way out – suicide.

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Singer Jovial

However luckily for her – despite the pain (doesn’t disclose into details) Jovial says she managed to pull herself together and this how she beat depression. She wrote;

Lately I’ve been at peace and a happy soul, mwisho na mwanzo wa mwaka huu (at the end of last year and the beginning of this year) I went through a lot! I was depressed, wrecked and completely lost but no one knew about it! On social media everyone is happy that’s what we are supposed to portray but deep down inside slowly dying.

You are in control

With depression one can feel out of control – and this makes everything else not matter. However Jovial used her experience to inspire those battling any type of depression by adding;

 Depression is real! But one thing you need to know is kila chenye mwanzo hakikosi mwisho! Hata upitie changamoto ya aina gani itapita tu! Hold on tomorrow is a new day

Well I guess this explains why she got so defensive after Lulu Hassan’s stunt at Rashid Abdalla’s birthday party a few weeks back.

Judging from her reaction – we could tell that Jovial isn’t build to the kind of heat celebrities get from their fans. Sometimes it can be pure love and at times – just terrible and from Jovial’s last reaction….mmmh she might just need to grow some thick skin to survive netizens.


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