Joel Rabuku, the late CDF Francis Ogolla’s son, is trending. Here’s why:

Joel Rabuku Ogolla has recently gained significant attention in social media circles. He is the surviving son of the late Chief of the Defence Forces (CDF) General Francis Ogolla.

Rabuku’s prominence surged last Friday when he appeared alongside his family members to receive President William Ruto, who visited their Nairobi home to offer condolences.


President Ruto: I didn’t want my daughter to speak or be present at the funeral for General Ogolla.

Since then, Rabuku has been trending at the top on X, just a day after his father was laid to rest at their Ng’iya home in Siaya.

What has propelled him to prominence?

In the lead-up to General Ogolla’s burial, Joel has been a symbol of resilience and composure within the family amidst their loss.

He has been vocal, making profound statements about his father, even boldly urging mourners not to mourn his father’s death but to celebrate his life.


“Young man, please don’t be irritable with us.” Oburu Odinga probes the son of Gen. Ogolla

Joel was appointed as the family coordinator for the funeral arrangements led by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

During the funeral on Sunday, he addressed mourners, dispelling rumors of any tension between his father and President Ruto, terming their relationship as cordial.

“People should stop that talk. These guys were friends at State House,” he said.

Joel recalled how his father would mention having fruitful discussions with the President during their meetings.

“He would tell me he had a very good meeting with the boss, without divulging details. It wasn’t just with the President but also the Deputy President. They developed a strong working relationship to safeguard the country. They became like brothers,” he added.

He expressed disappointment at those speculating about his father’s death, particularly calling out bloggers for insensitive posts about the helicopter crash.

“Bloggers, you’re too quick to post pictures. I was informed by my mom that my dad had gone down, and 10 minutes later, I see a helicopter burning. What does that imply? Of course, he’s dead,” he questioned.


Just who was the late Gen. Francis Ogolla?

Addressing Senator Oburu Odinga’s comments, Joel urged for patience in allowing investigations into the crash, emphasizing the importance of uncovering the truth.

On Saturday, Opposition leader Raila Odinga echoed the need for thorough investigations into the crash to dispel rumors.

Joel’s emergence has stirred both support and criticism, with some defending him and others condemning him.

“Our people tend to politicize everything and create unnecessary divisions. It’s called a siege mentality, a tactic used for ages to manipulate Luos politically,” remarked X user Samson Ogola.

“Now you understand why Oburu felt compelled to dismiss Joel, even though Joel knew the late General better than Oburu,” Ogola added.

“Joel Ogolla’s brief moment of fame following his father’s death is over. He can return to wherever he came from,” another user commented.

General Ogolla was laid to rest on Sunday in Siaya, with the funeral led by President Ruto.

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