John Allan Namu team arrested for covering #MaandamanoMondays

Celebrated journalist Joh Allan Namu’s team has been arrested for covering the ongoing #MaandamanoMondays mass protests which are geared to force the government of the day to tackle the spiralling cost of living.

His team were covering the protests in Mathare, an area that is a stronghold for ODM and the leader of the opposition, Raila Odinga when they were confronted by police and detained.

He was quick to note that the two journalists arrested, Clint Obere and his colleague Calvin Rock were not informed of the location they were being transferred to but we have since learnt that the dup have been released.

Taking to his Twitter account, Calvin had this to say,

After being held for 30 minutes by the police for doing our job, they’ve finally released us. Thanks to

@hassanmugambi  and quick response by @johnallannamu

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