Justina Syokau Refutes Sleeping With Ringtone, Admits She Visited Him

Despite Ringtone’s attempts to distance himself from her, Justina Syokau remains infatuated with the controversial gospel singer. She publicly expressed her love for Ringtone and her desire to marry him, despite facing criticism for her pursuit.

In an interview with Stephen Kasolo, Syokau dismissed those who criticized her for chasing Ringtone, insisting that he secretly loved her despite his public rejection. She claimed that Ringtone privately referred to her as a menopause-stricken old woman but maintained his affection for her behind the scenes.

“Wakati nilikua naambiwa na watu Ringtone ohh ni kama najilazimisha kwake, si umeskia nkiimba ‘ati watu wanasema najilazimisha na nimezeeka’. Sasa Ringtone akifanya interview alikua akisema huyo mumama alikua amezeeka, huyo mumama ata amefika menopause simtaki. Mi naweza sema hakuna siku moja mi nimeshajiskuma kwa Ringtone. Ringtone alikua ananipenda behind the scene in public ndo alikua ananikataa. Ringtone alikua ananipenda sana na ata alikua anaongea lakini pale kwa public akifika ni mumama. Mimi si mumama kwake behind the scene kwa public ndo mumama,” Justina Syokau said.

When asked if she had ever been intimate with Ringtone, Syokau asserted that she would never have allowed him to “harvest her farm,” as it would have been sinful. She explained that she had been celibate since her marriage ended in 2013 until her recent marriage to a billionaire husband.

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