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Kamene Goro, Detective Jane Mugo Defend Jalang’o After Fraud Allegations

August 31, 2021 at 08:27
Kamene Goro, Detective Jane Mugo Defend Jalang'o After Fraud Allegations

Comedian and media personality Felix Odiwuor, better known as  Jalang’o has been defended by his counterparts after being linked to fraud allegations.

The celebrated radio presenter found himself in the middle of the scandal through popular blogger Edgar Obare’s page. According to Edgar and his ‘students’; Jalang’o was among the few people involved in the ‘wash wash’ business; which has involved several immigration officials, media personalities and police officers and flamboyant businessmen and bank officials.

His wealthy lifestyle was on the line as some people believed that he was using subtle means to acquire his property.

Jalang’o drives a Toyota V8, Range Rover Velar, Mercedes convertible, Mercedes V-Class and a Land Rover Discovery.

Ready for Safari Rally - Jalang'o shows off convertible Mercedes Benz |  Pulselive Kenya

Jalang’o in one of his cars-Google

Jalang’o however, refuted the claims of the scandal; and swore on his father’s grave that he has never been involved in fraudulent deals or stole from anyone.

Friends To The Rescue

Jalang’o was backed up by his counterparts, who have claimed that he’s more of a hard worker rather than a thief. Speaking on Kiss FM, he reiterated that all the wealth he has acquired is through his hard work. In his defense, Kamene Goro and detective Jane Mugo commented on his video.

Mugo wrote;

”I have been a victim of false accusations it pains me . Jalas is intelligent hardworking generous man have personally worked with. Jealous will never win @kamenegoro tell jalas to remain unbwogwable”

In the video posted by Jalang’o, Kamene is also in agreement with him on his sentiments.



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