Karen Nyamu determined to reunite with Edday Nderitu in Samidoh’s polygamous marriage

Image: Karen Nyamu aka Karenzo

Sen. Karen Nyamu, who has been nominated, has spoken out about her desire for a polygamous relationship with musician Samidoh. She is confident that Edday Nderitu, who is married to Samidoh, will return and consent to sharing her husband.

Nyamu, a mother of three, said her top priorities include making sure that everyone involved ultimately gains from the arrangement and that the kids have a dad who is present and attentive.
She acknowledged the continuous discussion about her predicament that has drawn attention from the general public, but she highlighted that problems of the heart are not things that can be simply managed or controlled.

“It’s not like that. Matters of the heart cannot be planned. I have tried so many times, and you have seen. I tried leaving but failed. What will I do, and there are kids involved? My prayer is that things work out, but I have not lost hope.”

 She continued by highlighting the legitimacy of polygamy in Kenya and pointing out that it attempts to give every child a father and every woman a spouse.

” It’s not a question of wewe ondoka, huyu ingia. Apana. Sio rahisi, it’s not an easy situation.”

Nyamu emphasized that the situation is complex and emotionally charged, calling attention to the fact that it is not as straightforward as one person leaving and another entering the partnership.

“It’s not easy. It’s a sensitive situation, and maybe I did not handle it well. There are arguments even for other couples, but ours became public. It is because it is being handled in private, but ours was splashed to the public.”

Nyamu emphasized the need of having the correct intentions and a sincere heart, expressing her everlasting conviction that the polygamous marriage will eventually succeed in spite of the difficulties.

“I have faith, even if it takes a year, it will work. Because the heart and intention are in the right place,”

Edday, Samidoh’s wife, had already said that she was not prepared to raise her kids in a polygamous marriage.

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