Kennedy Rapudo hints at Amber Ray’s child not being his

Kennedy Rapudo has come out to defend himself against the mocking and jeering that he has had to endure ever since Amber Ray revealed she was a single mother of 2. With everyone assuming he was the one on the wrong.

Take me to a social media account he claimed that it will only take two months for us to fully understand why he and his ex-fiance called it quits.

Ghafla was right! Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo waliwachana tu

Kennedy Rapudo share the post that is very clearly targeted towards the expected time when amber will be giving birth to their child.

What is also interesting is the fact that he’s spent an opulent and obscene amount on a baby shower just less than a month ago. It involved in setting up a billboard hiring a helicopter and a beautiful venue for their party.

I guess it just goes to show you that men like Kennedy Rapudo are Sims who choose to ignore the advice of their betters and wiser Men by chasing after and marrying single mothers. We were right and so was Andrew Kibe.

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