Kenyans mock Ruto for his constant travelling

Kenyans online have expressed mixed reactions to President William Ruto’s latest overseas trip, with some expressing amusement and others raising concerns about the frequency and cost of his travels.

State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohammed announced that Ruto would be embarking on a two-day visit to Germany and France, aiming to strengthen Kenya’s economic and climate ties with the two countries and the European Union, and to advocate for a strong global consensus on climate action ahead of COP28.

However, many Kenyans on social media appeared unimpressed by the President’s latest foreign trip, which they perceived as excessive.

Mike Shiangala commented, “It was a pleasure hosting this gentleman in Kenya. Travel safely as we look forward to hosting you again in the coming future.”

Douglas Orang’i added, “He has overstayed. Bon voyage.”

Henry Kabogo echoed the sentiment, “It is not a must you tell us.”

Opiyo Denis sarcastically suggested, “Why can’t he propose to have a permanent residence in Europe? He can schedule to be attending church service in Kenya on Sundays and travel back to Europe in the evening to tackle climate change now that climate change to him is more urgent than the pain and suffering of Kenyans.”

Nicholas Robert opined, “He should do away with ambassadors because since he has taken their jobs they’ve been receiving salaries that they’ve not worked for. He should in fact add the roles of ambassadors and minister for foreign affairs into his portfolio.”

Nick Maina questioned the effectiveness of these trips, stating, “In this day and age, you people can’t realize it’s cheap to make the calls? Can you quantify with evidence that can independently verify the benefits accrued to Kenya by the trips?”

Since assuming office in September 2022, President Ruto has made 38 foreign trips, covering 45 cities across 38 nations over 83 days.

These foreign travels have cost the Kenyan taxpayer over Sh56 million in travel expenses for the first half of the financial year ending in June 2024.

In addition, there was a request from the National Assembly’s Defence Committee in May for an additional allocation of Sh1.3 billion for the President’s global travels, supplementing the Sh700 million already allocated by the Treasury.

In response to the concerns raised about his numerous foreign trips, President Ruto acknowledged public concern but defended his actions, stating that these trips are an integral part of his presidential duties.

“Concerning my foreign travels, that is my work as President. I am the chief agent of Kenya, I am the ambassador of Kenya planning on how the country moves forward,” he said.

“As the chief agent and chief ambassador of our country, these foreign trips, that people are making noise about are crucial because we can look for opportunities for Kenyans. We are a great nation and going places. We shall do the right thing and Kenya shall prosper,” the Head of State explained.

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