Kericho MCAs walk out of Ruto’s event

A section of Kericho MCAs walked out of President William Ruto’s event in Kericho on Wednesday, citing harassment by his security team.

The MCAs were recorded walking away from the tent where the main event was to take place, saying they were “disrespected and pushed from one side to the other” by Ruto’s security team.

The MCAs said they would instead head to the county assembly, which is not far from the event venue.

In a video seen by the Star, one of the MCAs is heard saying, “Let us walk on foot and go back to the county assembly. We can’t be disrespected by his security.”

The MCAs’ decision to walk out of the event is a sign of growing tensions between Ruto and the Kericho county government.

Ruto is in Kericho to commission the Sh1.3 billion Kimugu Water Project. The project is expected to provide water to residents of Kericho and neighboring counties.

The MCAs’ walkout is a setback for Ruto, who is hoping to win the support of voters in Kericho ahead of the 2022 general election.

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