Khaligraph Jones buys new Lexus LX570, bodaboda rider immediately hits it

Khaligraph Jones is winning and all this in spite of the fact that his baby mama, the mother of his firstborn son has dragged him to court but that has not pampered his progress by even a little bit and he recently decided to gift himself a brand new Lexus LX570.

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But it would seem the devils that are bodaboda riders refused to let him flourish as he quickly got rammed by one of these fools of the roads. It is reported that after he was rammed into, the boda rider decided to insult him.

This reminds us of a time when he was still driving a red Subaru that he took to a carwash only for the attendants to drive his car right into a wall because unbeknownst to him, they decided to go on a joyride.

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