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“Kibe amewekwa na mumama” Eric Omondi accuses Andrew Kibe of being a sugar baby

September 27, 2021 at 13:09
“Kibe amewekwa na mumama” Eric Omondi accuses Andrew Kibe of being a sugar baby

For days now Andrew Kibe and Eric Omondi have been insulting each other on social media for various reasons. Well, Kibe feels that Eric Omondi is a cross dresser; while the comedian, Eric feels that Kibe is an attention seeker.

Being men, one would think the beef ended the same day it was sparked; but looks like these two want to drag this issue into week 2 – so why not!

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Anyway, as seen on the latest post shared by Eric Omondi we see how he insults Kibe; actually not insult – it’s expose Mr Kibe for being a sugar baby to a certain lady in the US.

According to Eric, the former Kiss FM presenter is a jobless man who depends on his woman to pay off all his bills. As seen on the post, Eric wrote;

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Andrew Kibe lives ina woman’s house in America. He eats and sleeps in a woman’s bed. Mtu amewekwa na Mumama has no Moral Authority to address anyone.

Eric Omondi falls out Andrew for being a bam

Honestly from the caption above, it’s only fair to say that Eric Omondi see’s Andrew Kibe as a bam; simply because – well, his bills are taken care of by a woman who invited him to the US.

Stressing on his point about Kibe – the comedian went on to add;

Arudi Kenya afanye kazi kama wanaume wengine.

Surprisingly it’s not just Eric Omondi who has accused Kibe of being jobless; I mean, a few days ago Jalang’o did the same – which means, there is something these people know about Kibe – that we don’t know.


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