King Alami on handling cyber bullies in her DM after lover, Noti Flow exposed her as an escort

It’s funny to think that Noti Flow had no idea that girlfriend King Alami was working as an escort. I mean, Alami has a son to take care of and last we checked – she didn’t appear to have nine-to-five job.

So how else was she able to carter for her bills, take care of her son and at the same time – still afford to spoil her girlfriend, Noti Flow with dinners or whatever they enjoy doing together. Mmmh…someone is clearly not telling us the truth.

Wait…wasn’t Noti Flow said to be working the same hustle? So how would she honestly not know?? Clout for more business? Well – they both have nothing to lose in the end, right?

Alami addresses bullies

Well, with Noti Flow’s exposè – there are a few characters who have been sending direct messages to King Alami picking on the lady.

Judging from her post directed to those sending messages on her direct line – Alami not only told them off, but made it known she’s willing to only engage if money is involved. Talk of a business lady.

please and please don’t F*CKING text me on WhatsApp bizz, if you ain’t bringing money because I’ll f*cking abuse u and block u ion time to chat I’m not idle.

Although a few fans feel the exposè was unnecessary and demeaning, looks like Alami isn’t afraid of her hustle – so long as it settles her bills and keeps son comfortable and happy.

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