King Kaka shares moving testimony 4 months after doctors gave him 30 days to live

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King Kaka understands and clearly knows the value of life. Maybe at first, life was just another adventure of learning new things, having a family career and you know – making sure he has enough money in the bank and businesses are running well.

King Kaka

However health is one of those things he may have expected the universe to take care. I mean, he doesn’t smoke nor does he drink and as far as food is concerned I’m pretty sure his wife Nana always prepared organic and healthy foods.

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But, believe it or not – one day his life was turned upside down after a short illness that left doctors diagnosing him with the wrong illness; and top to it off, the medication worsened his situation.

King Kaka reveals what doctors diagnosed him with

For a minute the rapper did not disclose what he was diagnosed with – until recently when he opened up to reveal why he feels blessed to be alive today.

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Well, according to King Kaka his X-ray results proved that he had cavity on both his lungs and from the ‘damage’ doctors gave him approximately 30 days to live. Yes…30 days but that was 4 months ago. Sharing his testimony, the rapper said;

Tbt: King Kaka

Xray showing niko na cavity kwa my 2 lungs Bado Walinipa 30days niishi that was 4 months ago

Today, his life is not only going back to normal but has gained a new meaning and more value as he understands why health should be man’s number one concern.

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