King Kalala ‘female Andrew Kibe’ exposes her long kept dirty secrets (Video)

Image: King Kalala

King Kalala born Prudence Chepkirui Tonui is well known for her blunt truth be it topics around sexuality, dating, entanglements, she is ever open about it.

Most recently, she decided to let us in on her wild behaviors, life with her exes and what has been routine in most of her relationships. This was during a ‘Never Have/I Have’ open truth challenge with fellow NRG presenter, Natalie Githinji.

NRG presenters, Natalie Githinji and King Kalala

A flurry of intrusive questions were thrown their way, first admitting that Public Display of Affection was not news to her. Be it locking lips or having intercourse with her partner in a public space, her argument being ‘she was still young’.

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Embarrassingly though, Kalala confessed she had once tripped and got into bed with one of her girlfriend’s boyfriend but failed to mention who.

“My hands were tied,” she explained.

King Kalala out on a lunch date

Even though she broke the girl code, she was never going to get into threesomes with anyone, it just didn’t make sense to her. She however had her one-night stands.

Moving on, some of her most embarrassing moments was when someone walked in on her and her guy while in the act, because the door could just not lock. Confessing she has had to fake all her orgasms, at times confronting her partner for under-performing in bed.

NRG radio presenter, King Kalala with a friend

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End of Part One, she clarified she was busy living her life and didn’t really care about what kind of life others lead or who even judged her. After all being single, she had nothing to lose.

Part II

Touching on her sexuality and the awkward moments, Kalala admitted she had on several occasions locked lips with a fellow girl, both when sober and when high. Raising questions about which party she prefers, leaving fans confused.

King Kalala

Further clarifying she was not the kind of person to follow up on her exes’ new partners otherwise she would get demoralized. Nudes for her were a ‘No’ and the reason was just hilarious: I am so insecure.

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